Work With Me

My aim is to help clients create nonfiction proposals and manuscripts that will attract the attention of an agent and/or editor, lead to a book deal, and eventually a published book.


Each project I work on—and author I work with—is unique. To get started, I ask potential clients for a description of their work and a sample (if available). From there, we set up a phone call to discuss the project further. In that call, we’ll discuss your goals, timeline, and what services I think would best suit your project.

I specialize in helping authors perfect their book proposals and full manuscripts. I especially enjoy working on books about science, health, wellness, psychology, relationships, personal finance, and communication, as well as narrative nonfiction projects of all kinds. I do not work on any fiction, though I am happy to recommend colleagues who do.

My services include editing, collaboration, and ghostwriting. Often, I help clients craft the perfect nonfiction proposal for submission to agents and editors. I also assist authors who have book deals, most often making sure that my clients finish their book on time and turn in a complete manuscript that matches what their editor and publisher expect. I am willing to consider any nonfiction project but primarily work on creating and revising either book proposals or full manuscripts. In any case, working with me is never a situation where you send your manuscript blindly and then get a revised version back without discussion. While I'm editing or collaborating, I typically talk to my client at least a dozen times during the process either via phone or email to clarify their intention for the project, discuss the work, and/or to provide status updates on where I’m at with their project.

I see my job as an editor, collaborator or ghostwriter as a cooperative effort. After all, it will be your name on the proposal or book after we’re done working together.


My fees are based on the complexity of the project and the deadline. If my schedule is full and you wish to book in advance, I require a small retainer to hold your place in my schedule.


I do NOT work with any fiction. Nonfiction is simply what I know best. By limiting my projects to nonfiction, I am able to pay close attention to what agents are selling and what books work in the marketplace, and provide my clients with targeted knowledge. I think the combination of my experience and my continued effort to learn more makes me very good at what I do.

I cannot guarantee that projects I work on will attract a literary agent, be acquired by an editor, or be published by a major publisher. To be frank, I'm not a genie. You should be wary of anyone who makes you these promises. However, I can (and do) give my clients advice on which agents to approach, share strategies I think may increase your chances of being signed by an agent and/or becoming a published author, and (where appropriate) make introductions between my clients and professionals in the industry.

 I hope this post answers your questions. But if not, don’t hesitate to contact me.