About Me


Long before I became a book editor and collaborator, I carried stacks of books so high I had to hold them down with my chin—at the library as a child, and later as an adult at bookstores.

My entire career has been in trade book publishing. I worked as an editor at Simon & Schuster (Touchstone) and Penguin (Hudson Street Press and Plume) before launching my own business in 2012. I have a Masters of Science in Publishing from Pace University, and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Communication Studies and English Writing from Winona State University in Minnesota.

My mission is to help people transform their stories and expertise into books that readers enjoy and benefit from. I have spent the last decade helping authors navigate every stage of the publishing process, from cultivating book ideas and querying agents to fine-tuning a manuscript before it goes to press. Whether your intent is to reach an agent, attract the attention of an editor, reach millions of readers—or all of the above—it would be my privilege to help you along your journey.

Hiring an expert is a big step. It’s crucial that an editor and an author have a connection beyond business. When you meet or talk with me, you will see that I’m endlessly enthusiastic, optimistic, organized, encouraging and a little quirky. 

Some fun (and random) facts about me:

  • My favorite author is John Steinbeck
  • I grew up in a rural area of North Central Wisconsin with a pet sheep
  • My husband and I initially bonded over the country singer Kenny Chesney
  • I’m told I bear a resemblance to actress Sutton Foster
    (who now stars on Younger as a woman who works in publishing)